Gordon Thompson: Classes
Surveys Seminars
MU 106 Sixties British Songwriters
MU 106 The Beatles: An Introduction
MU 220 British Rock and Pop in the Sixties
MU 307 Music and Society
MU 309 Music in South Asia
MU 320 Popular Music in the Age of Rock and Roll
Open Learning Experiments
  The Beatles: An Introduction
Study Groups
MU371 Beatlemore Skidmania
SSP Music between Us
—— "Swinging London," 1966
MU 208 Music and Culture
MU 344 The Beatles Seminar: Beatles Biographies
MU 345 The Beatles Seminar: Music of the Beatles
—— Introduction to Ethnomusicology
—— Music and Media
MU 363 Senior Seminar: Music and Film
—— ——: Music and Community
—— ——: Music and Media
—— ——: Narrating The Beatles

Course-related Materials
Chronology of Sixties British Pop and Rock New Musical Express Contents: 50s & 60s

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